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Sharissa loves writing, teaching and sharing information. Her blog is the place where she most often shares her personal struggles and successes with her nutrition journey.

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What People Say About Sharissa

My experience on this program was nothing short of life changing. Within the past year or so, I have gained about 20 unwanted pounds. I have always been a super petite woman, so you can imagine how confused I was about this unexpected weight gain. I consulted my doctor, did blood work, got my thyroid checked and thankfully nothing was wrong. My doctors just explained that I was "getting older" and my metabolism changed. Okay fine, I was fine with that answer. However, I still didn't feel great. And then, at the perfect time, there came Sharissa! After just a few minutes, of me telling her about my recent weight gain, indigestion, bloated stomach, and tiredness she was certain it was my diet. I decided to try her program and, and like I first mentioned, it was LIFE CHANGING. Not only was she available to me 24/7 for tips, tricks, advise, coaching, and inspiration; she helped me shop, cook, and feel confident that I could do this. And I am so thankful I did. I lost 10 lbs, I didn't bloat after eating, there was no indigestion, I had so much energy, I got along better with my spouse (he did the program with me). I feel like overall my life better! This program teaches you about food so you can make better decisions and feel amazing! I highly recommend meeting with Sharissa and giving it a try. I promise you'll get more out of it than you may think. Lisa Winchester, Ca
Having had Epstine Barr virus for most of my life, coming down with mono has been a regular occurrence over the years. Whenever it hits, my body is taken over by excruciatingly painful lymph nodes, terrible body aches, and extreme fatigue that has me in bed for weeks and even months at a time. The last time I came down with it in May 2016, I instantly called Sharissa desperately seeking help. She immediately came to my house and did a nutritional assessment on me to find what nutrients my body was in need of. She provided me with a list of supplemental support and I followed her recommendations to a T. WITHIN 3 DAYS ALL SIGNS OF MONO WERE GONE!! I am so beyond thankful to have met Sharissa and to have her contact number in my phone. 😊Her knowledge of nutrition and understanding of the human body are bringing healing to so many lives...including mine.
Having had five surgeries in the past two years and consistently struggling with anemia, I knew that my body was ill and in need of help. Sharissa has been instrumental in my journey towards healthy living. She is an extraordinary listener, guide, and support. Sharissa took time to personalize my journey; noticing things about my health/health history, considering my lifestyle/habits, and educating me on many of the nutritional myths I previously believed. With Sharissa's help, my health, both physical and mental, has improved greatly. I no longer have the extreme fatigue and mental fogginess that I once suffered from. Though this journey has been a lot of work, Sharissa has ben there for every step of the way to lend an ear and offer advice.