I’m Sharissa.

Author ♥ Speaker ♥ Podcaster

I am:

  •  a wife and mom of three
  • an award winning author
  • the host of The Tea Time Podcast
  • a perpetual student 
  • a teacher

After all the studying I have done, I have finally come to know that you can never really know it all. Therefore, I have become a student of life. I have spent the majority of my life collecting information. My passion is to take the things I have learned and turn them into something that can help others. I have a passion for learning and that passion is fueled by the idea that one day I can share the messages to help other people. My first book: Journey Back To Health was written because of my personal experience reversing autoimmune disease in myself. It consists of a compilation of all I learned on my healing journey. It is my mission to continue to learn and share.


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Sharissa is a mother, an award winning author, an autoimmune specialist, and host of The Tea Time Podcast. She is reversed her multiple autoimmune diseases by changing her lifestyle and using food as medicine. Her newest journey is to help you find your healthy healing path. Life is too short to spend even one more day worrying about how you will manage to get out of bed, and she is here to help you find your path.


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