Journey Back To Health


Through this book you will gain:·

  • Hope for healing
  • Understanding that YOU are completely in control of your own health.
  • The knowledge that small steps can be taken daily toward your health.
  • Clarity and guidance to help you take back control of your own life.
  • 6 simple steps to help you gain the confidence you need to KEEP GOING and keep fighting your fight.
  • Tools, action steps, and guidance to help direct any person at any point on their journey to a higher level of health wellness and well-being.
  • A workbook so that you can implement and incorporate these steps into your daily life.

Praise For Journey Back To Health

You Are Not Alone

As someone who has personally struggled with candida and similar health issues it is amazingly refreshing to read and hear the voice of Sharissa Bradley speaking directly to the negative voice in my head and putting it to ease. I can relate to Sharissa and her own personal journey shared in this book. Here she is reaching out a knowing hand who has been there done that and gotten back to health. I’m glad I took the opportunity she has provided to read her words and accept the hope and help she’s offering here. You are not alone. This book will help you not only realise you are in good company but also that there is a way back to health!

Healing is possible and this book shows you how!

If you are looking for a way to take charge of your health and need that loving (non-judgmental) encouragement to get on the right path, this is the book! I have recently begun a very tumultuous relationship with food and have come to find that I have been living with the pain of intolerances that I thought were just part of being human and digesting food. After coming to this realization, I knew I needed to change my relationship with food and find a way to eat without being constantly afraid of eating the wrong thing and being in pain for days. This book helped give me the tools I needed to get there. This isn’t a “throw all the food in your pantry and fridge away and start over with these expensive substitutes” kind of book. This is a very real path to understanding why we make the choices we make and how we can slowly begin to reclaim our health, and forgiving the setbacks and celebrating the small victories along the way. I have already recommended this book to all my friends and family because even if you’re not struggling with allergies, intolerance or pain, we all could use a guide back to healthier choices.

-Amazon Reviewer

Awesome guide!

This is such an interesting perspective on health and wellness. The author combines both her knowledge of mind an body in an easy to understand way and outlines how you can improve your own health. There are tasks at the end of each chapter and a work book in the back that really helps with self reflection. It was a really enjoyable book to read. Glad I read it!

-Amazon Reviewer

A Must read – Amazing Woman and Insight to Better Health

Order for a Christmas Gift -A wonderful read by a dynamic and great lady. I have personally found care emotional and physical health improvement through her while living in Murrieta. and continue to this day. I am proud to call her my friend. Her education and insight on human nature, the human body and how to eat to cure(Independence through Nutrition) vs the RX of doctors, and primitive medical practices by modern doctors is worthy of a read. Holistic and informed care is a must. Please check out the publication as an e-read or better yet order the book. You will find and relate to her candid sharing of her life, personal challenges/cures, sharing of her life story as common ground and common sense life changing advice …..So proud of you Sharissa Bradley ! Continued success with your business, book and growing family !!!

-Amazon Reviewer

5.0 out of 5 stars Refreshing & Optimistic

You may wonder about the photo I posted! It’s clean refreshing food. I was lucky enough to be at the book launch party for this book. This is a photo of the dinner we were served. Sharissa is so laid back, low key, and unassuming. There are no scare tactics, no quick fixes, and no empty promises…. it’s all real life, applicable stuff with real heart connection. Vulnerability and passion are the true themes of this book. You will find helpful tips on ways you can change your own life and get back to feel well and living well.

-Amazon Reviewer

5.0 out of 5 stars The perfect blend of informational and inspirational!

I absolutely loved this book! Journey Back to Health is practical, relatable, inspiring, honest, encouraging, and easy to understand. Sharissa shares complex information in understandable, easy to digest (pun intended!) terms. Making radical life changes, especially when it comes to nutrition, can be isolating and overwhelming. This book is like a conversation with a very loving, knowledgeable friend who is rooting for you and will most definitely get you on your “Journey Back to Health!”

Not like any other health book I’ve read (and I’ve read a LOT!)

I was expecting a new twist on the same old information. But that’s not what this book is! I felt like I was sitting at lunch with a friend (the kind of friend who is a walking talking health genius) who was giving me casual advice on how to take back the control of my own body without feeling overwhelmed, powerless or like I have to change my entire identity to be healthy. Sharissa shared information in this book that I’ve never heard anywhere else before. For the first time ever, I am actually applying the advice I read about—and I’m getting results! This book is conversational, written for “real people” and motivating. A must read for anyone who cares about their body and wants to be healthy from the inside out.

-Tonya Rineer, Author, Speaker, Coach

Meet the Author

Sharissa Bradley

As a psychologist and a nutritionist, Sharissa Bradley is in a unique position to provide a combination of health, as well as the psychology of health and healing, to guide her readers through identifying the issues that stop them from being healthy and the steps they can take to change these things. This book takes everything into account and organizes it in a way that is easy to follow and implement. It includes. You do not have to do it alone anymore. Sharissa Bradley is here to help you and act as your guide on this journey back to health.