Hello, Friends! In honor of the new year, I’m dipping into my time capsule and going back to the beginning of my AIP journey. If you’re new here, this whole journey started in 2015, when I was finally diagnosed with two autoimmune diseases, Celiac and Hashimoto’s, but the story starts much earlier than that. I started my original blog on the day I started the Paleo AIP (Autoimmune Protocol).

Need to catch up on my AIP journey? Here’s part one, and part two

My Third Day on the AIP


Because the Autoimmune Protocol community is so small,  it seems like everyone is connected. There are a few big names out there and the women who lead this community are not only the strongest and most intelligent woman I have ever had the pleasure of reading about, but they are also the most giving and generous. I do someday hope to be as kind and giving as these women. With any other medical community,  it is easy to see the competition and the cutthroat atmosphere between members of the groups. But not the AIP community. This group of individuals learns something new and then figures out any way possible to share the information to help everyone heal and is always giving credit where credit is due.

I got my start on the Paleo and Autoimmune Protocol  journey because someone recommended I listen to The Phoenix Helix podcast, with host Eileen Laird. This woman is amazing! She interviews anyone and everyone that has insight into the healing community and does anything she can to make sure everyone gets to hear the information. From her, I learned about Sarah Ballantyne (The Paleo Mom), and Mikey Trescott. I signed up for their emails and learned about a giveaway from Angie Alt. The grand prize was signed copies of AIP books from so many bigwigs, and her personal guiding assistance on the AIP for 6 weeks. Now,  if you remember correctly,  I only started my journey on Monday, and signed up for the prize the same night. Well, lo and behold, early Wednesday morning, I opened my Instagram to find out that I WAS THE GRAND PRIZE WINNER!!! I, for the first time in 2 years, started hysterically crying, not because I was ready to end my life from being a terrible burden on my family, but because someone cared enough about my healing journey to help me!! This is very new for me. Even being as sick as I am, I am still the first person to offer to help before accepting any myself. I am so beyond thrilled to finally have someone to guide me and teach me and support me!

This was only 12 hours after I laid in bed stewing over the fact that my darling husband “just didn’t get it.” He wants so bad to help me but he doesn’t understand. HE can literally eat anything! Now I have help and support. So end of tears, wonderful,  wonderful day and I do not think day #3 could have been bad after that no matter what…talk about motivation.

Quick update on meals: today I had my fat tea and a smoothie from the Healing Kitchen Cookbook, then leftovers for lunch. Dinner tonight was exciting because I tried some new stuff out!! I made BBQ chicken in the crockpot (BBQ sauce from the healing kitchen cookbook) and served it over sweet potatoes. 


The fat tea that I keep mentioning is a bone broth latte, and you can find the recipe for that in this blog post. I still get excited about cooking, by the way. Check out my video on how to spatchcock a chicken (!?!) and PIZZA.

And I even have my own podcast today.  Want to be a guest on my show? I’m currently looking for people who are in the MIDDLE of their journeys–the hardest part, really. Is that you? Shoot me an email!


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