Impulse Control is Overrated

  “Hello, my name is Sharissa Bradley and I am impulsive.”
Almost every major decision I have made,  I have made impulsively: saying yes to my husbands proposal, having my first baby (and my second), taking jobs, buying a home, buying my car, starting projects. 
I am that person who can convince anyone of anything (maybe manipulative is a better word¯\_(ツ)_/¯) and can convince myself of the next best thing like no one’s business.
But when it came to taking the plunge for my own health,  it took months of research and explaining and long periods of self-doubt before I came to the conclusion that I had nothing else to lose.
Can anyone tell me why it is,  that when it comes to our own health,  we can come up with one million excuses to not take the next step? Tell me, which of these have come out of your own mind? Too expensive… Cannot afford a coach… Cannot afford to eat healthy… I am going to start on the first of the month… I need to start on a Monday but I keep messing up Monday morning, so I have to wait a whole week to start again… Why is this? Why isn’t our health our number one priority?  If you are sitting at home again spending another day too tired, too sick, or simply  not feeling well enough to be social or playing with your family,  then how come you cannot see it is time for change? Don’t feel bad…I did the same thing.
But why?
  I want to tell you a little something about being an impulsive person that is so incredibly frustrating. I can be very easily convinced to try new things.  I said yes to  jumping out of an airplane. I walked a red carpet as a model (a 30 year old mom of 2 little kids…yes, ME). I did these things  because I am tired, truly sick and tired , of letting my health control my life. I JUMPED and you should too. We are  so easily convinced fork over our hard-earned cash for the latest gadget, a new TV,  to remodel our house. But, when it comes to spending money on changing your life,  it is so hard to make that leap. I know from experience. I spent most of my life accepting the fact that I was always going to be tired and weak and uncomfortable in my clothes because my doctor said that was a normal process of getting older. I was skeptical of the health trends and fads (or so I thought). When I finally hit my rock bottom,  I had no choice but to seek out alternative care. I went to acupuncture, chiropractic, integrative medicine doctors, and herbalists. I finally started to see some relief. In combination with changing my diet,  I was able to reverse-heal and become whole. It is hard to explain health to someone who has never felt well. I am selling you on a dream that you didn’t know you could dream. When I was sick,  there was no one like me to help. I couldn’t find someone who would hold my hand and teach me how to not only survive but thrive. So,  when I got well enough, I decided to become that person for everyone else. You do not have to suffer any more, you just have to determine what your health and life is worth to you. Do you want this to be your quality of life now? Or do you want the dream you didn’t even know you could dream about? You cannot afford to spend one more day missing your life.  Take a leap of faith and be impulsive for the right reasons.