All month long, for Mental Health Month, I’ll be focusing on how our mental health is affected by stress, sleep and food.

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Each video will cover one of three topics: Stress, Sleep and Food.

You’ll learn how our mental health is affected by these three things, and I’ll give you action steps to take!

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Who Is Sharissa Bradley?

I am a Certified Nutritionist, Psychologist and Autoimmune Specialist who is passionate about helping people change their lives. I do not believe in quick fixes, weight loss as the goal, or curing all your problems with a shake or pill. I work with my clients to develop a plan of healthy eating and stress reduction to heal their bodies from the detrimental effects of autoimmune disease. Learn more about me HERE.

When you sign up for my free three day video series, you’ll get Chapter Two of my book, Journey Back to Health for free! 

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