My Favorite Paleo Foods for the Paleo Pantry


I’m often asked what has helped on my health journey, so I thought I would gather up all my responses to those requests and put them in one place here  for you! I order many of these items online because I sometimes can’t find them in my local health food or I get a better deal. (We don’t have THAT big name health food chain where I live, believe it or not!)  My go-to for ordering online is Amazon or ThriveMarket.
Plus, I’m sharing some of my favorite recipes too, so make sure to grab those. I’ve designed them to be easy to read on your phone, but you can also download and print it out, if that’s your vibe.

1. Vanilla Bean Ghee

2. Kerry Gold Butter

3. Macaccino

4. Pederson’s Bacon

5. Primal Kitchen Mayo

6. Primal Kitchen Dressings

7. GT’s Gingerade Kombucha

8. Quantum vitamin D3

9. Enjoy Life chocolate chips

10. West bean coffee (Local to San Diego but they ship!)








11. Mammoth Bars








12. Primal Pastures meat



13. Harvest2u produce delivery (Not yet available in all areas– look up your zip code to see if you’re in the delivery area).





(To find other produce delivery options in your area, google Produce Delivery Services + your zip code.)

13. Great Lakes Collagen

14. Califia Farms Almond Milk







Bonus! Every day, I have to two things to get me through busy days– my go-to smoothie, and my fat coffee. I’m sharing my recipes with you, so just drop your email below and I’ll shoot it over to your email!

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