Six Steps to Confidently Getting Your Health Back

As you start on this journey back to health, you’ll need a supportive tribe. A doctor that listens to your concerns and takes you seriously is an important member of this tribe. 

Your body is a temple, but it’s also a guinea pig during this journey. No one body is the same, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution. You’ll do some experimenting to figure out what makes you feel better, and what makes you feel worse. 

You have your testing results, you have your tribe in place. Now, it’s time to start the healing journey. You’ll give your body a life raft to stay above water and stop fighting against the current. 

We’re on this journey for the long haul. We’re going to give your body time to repair it’s damaged tissues. There is no quick fix here. Good sleep and quality supplements will be a huge help here. 

On this journey, you’ve figured out what your body likes and doesn’t like, stopped the inflammation, and given your body time to heal. Now, it’s time to rebuild the other parts of your body, like your muscles or your gut. 

The journey never ends but at this point in the journey, you’ll start to reclaim your life. It’s time to go out and play! You’ve broken your old habits and learned how to listen to your body. Stay the course!

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