Food and Stress

The connection between food and stress, and food and happiness is undeniable. Did you know that some foods you eat can actually cause your body stress?  My theme this month has been mental health, so there is no better time to talk about food and stress.

May is Mental Health Month and for that reason,  the month holds a special place in my heart, having faced mental health issues myself and seeing those I love go through it as well. I wonder, after I have gotten out from under that dark cloud, what types of things I can do to prevent it from coming back. If you know me and my story,  you know that I will stop at nothing to feel better. I radically changed my diet and lifestyle after being diagnosed with autoimmune disease. If there is anything I can do to help my mood and mental health,  you know I am all about it.

My sister recently got on a caper kick! We were eating them on the side of at least one meal a day. Then after doing a little research,  she learned that capers are high in quercetin which actually has a ton of heath benefits!

This got me thinking…aside from eating a clean diet, what other foods can help make us happy? Well, from the research, I can honestly say, the most important thing is to stop eating the foods that are stressing out the body.

Yes! Food Can Make You Happy But Food Can Also Cause Stress

Interestingly, our body perceives  different stressors in exactly the same way. The body doesn’t differentiate depending on the type of stress. For instance, your body cannot tell the difference between the stress your family brings, or traffic on your way to work.  Stress can even come from the foods we eat. We want to think of food as fuel. We eat food so that we can have energy to live throughout the day. But that theory is flawed because it actually takes energy to digest food. If it isn’t real food or it is highly laden with chemicals (or sprayed with pesticides/herbicides),  your body won’t see it as fuel or energy, it will actually see it as stress. In other words, your food becomes something that the body has to be deal with rather than something that can provide fuel.

The takeaway: food can cause our body stress and a stressed body is not a happy body. Removing those stressors (because it is one that you can control–cannot control your family) you will allow your body to feel better, repair, and be HAPPY!

There are plenty of foods you can add in as well, like turmeric, bone broth, collagen, leafy greens, and brightly colored organic fruits and vegetables that will be beneficial to your mental health. Here is a list of a few more I found interesting, and it really does pay to understand what stressors  you can remove from your life, and your diet. We cannot always change our surroundings but we absolutely can change how we treat our body.


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