My Hashimoto’s Journey


You know those years where it just seems like you have to deal with one thing after another, it never really seems like you have it all resolved? Well, that pretty much sums up the last year and then some for me. As you know, if you have been keeping track of my journey, I have 4-autoimmune diseases. I have learned to control and keep them at bay, most of the time, using a clean food diet, plus chiropractic care, acupuncture and high quality supplements. However, sometimes even doing “all the right things” isn’t enough when the body is under too much stress.

This past year I put my superhero cape on and tried to save the world. I cut corners with my own health several times. When the stress of my personal life became unbearable unhealthy I didn’t take any pro-caution and charged full steam ahead.  My body started to warn me that something bad was coming. I developed a new horrific pain that came every month and lasted about 3-5 days. It would start in the middle of my shoulder blades and it would radiate down my back and arms and within a day of the pain starting I would be immobilized by pain. It would settle in my hips and make it nearly impossible to walk. It would pulse down my arms making my hands lose power and it would radiate into my head until I could no longer think. I would wake up a day or so later and it would be gone without a trace or any residual pain. A month later it would come back. My body also warned me through my endocrine system. I was experiencing horrible anxiety and agoraphobia at record highs. This was my body screaming at me to slow down and I didn’t listen. On February 1st, just 4 days before my 31st birthday, I woke up with anxiety so crippling that I had to cancel my plans for the day. It took all of my energy to get my kids ready for school. When I finally recovered from the flu the back pain returned and settled in for a longer haul. A few days after that I felt my throat swell and the pressure on my vocal and windpipes was stifling. I could no longer lay on my back without feeling like I would choke to death. My thyroid had doubled in size and I was rendered completely exhausted. I am still recovering, I just got the flu for the second time in two months.

My body was warning me and I did not heed the signs.

I have been resting and recovering much of February and March. I want this to serve a few purposes: 1) I am on this journey too, 2) we have to listen to our bodies warnings before we get totally knocked down, 3) this is not a setback, but it is certainly something to learn from. Autoimmune disease is no joke, we have to work even harder to keep our bodies strong and healthy and sometimes working harder means taking off the cape, and putting your feet up.


Since I finally listened to my body I was able to add in a few extra things to my diet to support restorative healing as well as take better care of the parts that needed extra attention. I am working each day to live the best version of my life that I can and I understand that it is a process. There is no one magic pill or one thing that you can do to live healthily, instead it is a million tiny little things that all add up to health in the end. It isn’t enough to just eat the right foods, we also have to take care of ourselves in all the other ways too! Get enough sleep, love yourself, feed your soul, and give back when you can.


I will update as soon as I am feeling back on my game. Remember, this is a journey and we are just getting started.


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