My experience on this program was nothing short of life changing. Within the past year or so, I have gained about 20 unwanted pounds. I have always been a super petite woman, so you can imagine how confused I was about this unexpected weight gain. I consulted my doctor, did blood work, got my thyroid checked and thankfully nothing was wrong. My doctors just explained that I was “getting older” and my metabolism changed. Okay fine, I was fine with that answer. However, I still didn’t feel great. And then, at the perfect time, there came Sharissa! After just a few minutes, of me telling her about my recent weight gain, indigestion, bloated stomach, and tiredness she was certain it was my diet. I decided to try her program and, and like I first mentioned, it was LIFE CHANGING. Not only was she available to me 24/7 for tips, tricks, advise, coaching, and inspiration; she helped me shop, cook, and feel confident that I could do this. And I am so thankful I did. I lost 10 lbs, I didn’t bloat after eating, there was no indigestion, I had so much energy, I got along better with my spouse (he did the program with me). I feel like overall my life just…got better! This program teaches you about food so you can make better decisions and feel amazing! I highly recommend meeting with Sharissa and giving it a try. I promise you’ll get more out of it than you may think.